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Join the innovators already running on Railsr

Railsr customers have raised $2bn in VC funds and counting...

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One Api. One Contract

You build the fun stuff

​We are cool with that.  

You are ready for the next level of your expansion.

You need new product capabilities, launch new countries and a partner that can support you all the way.

No Complexity 

You have one simple API to integrate and one commercial agreement.


We have completed the 20-30 integrations, negotiated all the commercials, built operations, created policies, operated transaction monitoring, and have collated all the regulatory and scheme licences - and built our own proprietary technology to operate all of which is for you.

No Five Year Contracts

It's unfair to force a new startup to sign up to a long term commercial agreement.


Why? Having been there ourselves, we deeply understand you do not know if your business model works or not. So, why take on a multi- year liability based on the unknown?


Our customer journey is based around you so you can scale fast.

Some of our customers (e.g. Wagestream and have scaled across multiple countries and regions.

You focus on Scaling

Scaling a business needs your focus on continuing to delight customers.

We want you to be successful, so we built the Railsr embedded finance experience platform to release you from boring stuff so you focus on the important stuff.

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