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Your fans are the lifeblood of your organisation - they have a bond with you that other brands can only dream of creating and they want to do more with you everyday

Use the power of Railsr embedded Finance experiences to create the rewards that your fans desire, drive traffic to your sponsors and deliver new fan generated revenues.


Work with a single global partner, which removes the complexity, cost and time to market so you can achieve this goal with ease.

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Stadium Fans

We operate the hard stuff,
You build the fun stuff.

You want to build the loyalty, relevance and a unique experience that drives increased lifetime value and provides you with the insights that will deliver more targeted sponsorship opportunities.

No Complexity 

You have one simple API to integrate and one commercial agreement.


We have completed the 20-30 integrations, negotiated all the commercials, built operations, created policies, operated transaction monitoring, and have collated all the regulatory and scheme licences - and built our own proprietary technology, all of which is for you.

No Five Year Contracts

It's unfair to force brands that are starting to explore using embedded finance experiences to create amazing moments for their fans, to sign up to a long term commercial agreement.

Why? Having navigated through the unknown ourselves, we deeply understand you do not know if your business model works or not, so why take on a multi-year liability based on the unknown?

We offer you a turn key platform that you can integrate into your customer journey, app or online experience. You can launch this quickly and start building new revenue streams and greater loyalty.


Our launch journey is based around you so you can get into the market fast.

Some of our customers (e.g. Wagestream and SingLife) have built working prototypes in three to five days and launched their MVP in under 3 months!

You focus on your MVP

Launching your MVP and growing your customers are super important to you so you can prove your idea.

We want you to be successful, so we built the Railsr embedded finance experience platform to release you from boring stuff so you focus on the important stuff.

Use cases

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Or... are you a developer?

Get you API keys and start developing. Supported by our API Docs and Guides you'll have everything you need to begin creating your own embedded finance experiences.

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