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Making finance an amazing experience everywhere in the world

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Consumers are demanding more...

Consumers are demanding more – not only from the products they buy, but also from the way they interact with the brands they love.


Seamless and immersive experiences are expected

They expect seamless and immersive experiences, and they’ll remain loyal to brands who provide the enhanced digital relationships they’re looking for.

It's a huge opportunity...

it’s now time for switched-on brands to respond, whether you are a finTech, a sports club, a music venue, a retailer or any company.

We believe embedded finance experiences are a key strategic element within immersive consumer experiences that delivers daily engagement, revenue opportunity and highly insightful behavioural data.

This is the future of finance, and it's happening now.

Embedded Finance Experiences are here today.

You’ve probably already had an embedded finance experience, but possibly without even realising. Think about how Uber works; you hail a cab, take your trip and rate your driver. The payment has happened effortlessly, with an experience so seamless that most of us don’t even think of it as a financial product.

Or take Starbucks. You use their app to book your coffee in advance, then skip the queues to collect it. The payment happens seamlessly through your linked Starbucks card. It’s a better experience for consumers, which makes them want to keep coming back. And of course, increased loyalty means bigger revenues.

Louisa Murray Chief Operating Officer UK & Europe

Louisa Murray Chief Operating Officer UK & Europe

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