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We all know that the retail sector is currently facing countless challenges.


The pandemic, not yet over, has wreaked havoc on all of us. And far from the “roaring twenties” some economists had promised us, we are now facing runaway inflation and major geopolitical issues.


Yet, from where we sit in the financial services sector, what the pandemic has done is speed up what was going to happen anyway. The move from physical cash to digital money was on the cards before the pandemic, as was the growth in e-commerce. What the pandemic did was to exaggerate the need for such changes, bringing it into focus for a battered consumer.


And, what this report makes clear, is that consumers young and old are now highly experienced with digital retail experiences because of Covid-19.

This report, thanks to sterling work from the team at World Retail Congress, throws light on what retailers have to focus on in the future.

That future is bright for retailers that create 360-degree e-commerce and a digital experience around the consumer.

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Go deeper into our products and understand how they are designed to create intuitive and meaningful experiences your customers will love.


We are proud to be partnering with some of the most innovative technology companies in the world to realise our embedded finance experience vision

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