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Railsr will be at Money 2020 7th - 9th June, and it’s going to be HUGE.


We come to Money 20/20, one of the world’s best fintech events, with a simple message:




It’s that simple - we are now in a new market and it’s a time to shape up, or ship out.


Old finance is yesterday’s news and does not stand a chance against the new, supercharged ecosystem which allows brands to make finance work for themselves and their own customers.


We were originally created to enable the fintech industry to break free of the shackles of an outmoded and outdated financial services industry.


Now we are the pioneer of the embedded finance experiences category. We enable consumer companies, organisations and brands to build embedded finance experiences to drive customer engagement, loyalty and revenue.


Remember, banks don’t do experiences, but fintechs do. 


Come and speak to our team and a unique view of the future - the place we are all heading fast. 


In attendance: 

Nigel Verdon - CEO & Founder

John Hammond - Chief Commercial Officer

Stuart Gregory - Chief Product Officer

Louisa Murray - COO UK & EMEA

Heather Ribbans - Head of Partnerships Sales

Karine Martinez - Head of Fintech Team UK & EU

Jonathan Staunton - Global VP of Channel Partners

Amber Sutherland - Enterprise Sales Director

Charlotte Masseaux - Account Management Director - Sales

Dan Bedi - Business Development Manager - Sports

Lucy Lloyd - Fintech Specialist - Sales


Please reach out to one of us to book a meeting or use the form

Want to talk to one the team?

 feel free to book a meeting below


Go deeper into our products and understand how they are designed to create intuitive and meaningful experiences your customers will love.


We are proud to be partnering with some of the most innovative technology companies in the world to realise our embedded finance experience vision

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