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Railsbank ranked as a leader in open finance space

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Railsbank has been ranked as one of the leading companies in the open finance space.

The company has made the first annual Global Rankings – recognising the organisations behind the most interesting open finance news headlines and opinion pieces in 2021 - compiled by Open Future World, the global hub for open banking and open finance, sharing what’s worth paying attention to and highlighting who’s who.

Organisations are picked from the most often featured in the widely-read Open Future World Daily Edit of the best news and opinions.

The complete archive includes more than 5,000 mentions, featuring over 1,500 organisations across 72 countries. The archive is freely available online and fully searchable - allowing users to find mentions of any particular company, country or topic. In geographical terms, organisations headquartered in the UK, USA and Brazil get the most mentions.

Marie Walker is co-founder and Head of Content at Open Future World and Nick Cabrera is co-founder and Head of Partnerships.

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