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Railsbank - we’re hiring

As we grow our user base, open more offices and expand into further territories, we need more people.

At the moment we are recruiting a Marketing Generalist and a Partnerships and New Business Propositions Manager (both part of the Marketing and Partnerships team and based in London).

The great thing is, we may be growing, but at heart we are still a fast-paced start-up which expects everyone to get involved at every level. So if you’re looking for a one dimensional job, don’t bother with us.

We need people who will become an integral part of our team and share the values that are important to us.

Ours is an exciting and dynamic work environment, one that encourages people to collaborate and support each other.

And if you’re wondering just what our values are, well here they are in no particular order: excellence, diversity, work/life balance, fun, trust, respect, noble cause and friendship.

If this sounds like your kind of gig, then take a closer look now:

Railsbank is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

And keep checking our jobs page, as we’re adding people all the time.

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