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Head of Compliance at Railsbank attends leading financial crime conference

Head of Compliance at Railsbank, Joanna Jenkins, will use the forthcoming ACAMS Conference to discuss financial crime with other leading members of the industry.

The 14th ACAMS Financial Crime Conference takes place in Amsterdam between 31st May and 1st June and is one of the biggest in Europe.

Jo has spent her career overseeing anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing programmes across the UK, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Jersey. She regularly chairs the ACAMS London committee.

At Railsbank she is responsible for its unique Compliance Firewall, part of the company’s simple API technology which connects businesses with global banking.

Jo said: “The conference is a great opportunity for me and others in the industry to discuss the latest developments in the detection and prevention of financial crime.

“At Railsbank compliance is integrated into everything we do, we are passionate about tackling financial crime and fraud. We help our clients build the technical rules and create typologies specific to their business, industry and country.

“Our API system has the flexibility to apply local knowledge and create a bespoke fraud prevention programme. it’s also nimble enough that Money Laundering Reporting Officer's (MLRO’s) can add, or delete rules as they see new fraud patterns emerge.”

Unlike old banking technology legacy systems, the Railsbank’s Compliance Firewall increases speed and efficiency of fraud detection in real time. It is increasingly being recognised as the benchmark within the industry,


Twitter handle @railsbank @JoannaJenkins18

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