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Mix and match
global products


Mix and match our global products

At Railsr we’ve deconstructed financial products into core building blocks such as balances, cards and payments. Our unique approach gives you the flexibility to pick the products you need, to create the seamless and engaging customer experiences you’ve always wanted.


Our single platform gives you access to Railsr’s full set of global products. 

Add and Manage Users

Know Your Customer

Hold Balances

Store Digital Assets

Everything starts with your customers. We provide a streamlined onboarding solution that enables you to swiftly and easily add and manage individuals and/or companies.

With our fully automated identity verification process (aka "Know Your Customer"), we reduce your operational burden, saving you time, hassle and costs.

Get the ability to hold balances in multiple currencies, giving your brand a truly global reach. For your peace of mind, all funds are safeguarded in line with the relevant local regulations.

Create an on and off ramp for digital assets. Safely store digital assets such as crypto, reward points, gold, and telco minutes. We can also enable easy conversion to and from fiat currencies.

Send and Receive

Foreign Exchange (FX) Conversion

International Transfers

Physical Cards

Easy payments, whenever and wherever you need. Get a local bank account number for payments in. Receive money from people and payment providers and enjoy faster payments via direct connectivity to local payment rails.

Enable your customers to spend in foreign currencies. Convert your balances between currencies and enjoy the ability to set pricing at competitive rates.

Easily, quickly and safely send money all over the world, with swift and local pay-outs.

Design a card for your brand, and we’ll handle all the production and delivery. Choose from Visa or Mastercard, and launch a prepaid, debit or credit card.

Instant Virtual Cards

Manage Cards

Access Credit

Open Banking

Give your customers immediate and more controlled spending access. Create virtual cards instantly. Add to digital wallets (ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay)

Protect your customers’ money with safeguards such as card locking, unlocking and replacement, plus the ability to add merchant restrictions.

Unlock spending power and build loyalty with your customers. Enjoy incredible speed to market by launching a complete credit card solution in just 90 days. With Railsr, you get custom rewards and simple pricing. We bring the credit line and take care of your end-to-end operations.

Open banking allows your customers to add external accounts and initiate payments. It also enables your customers to allow third parties to access their account information in a safe and secure way.

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