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End to End operations


End to end operations

Launching and managing any financial product means tackling and maintaining a range of safety and security obligations – both for your organisation and on behalf of your customers. From compliance, to risk, fraud, settlement, reconciliation and servicing, our end-to-end platforms and processes take care of everything for you.


Our single platform gives you access to Railsr’s full set of global products. 

Know Your Customer

Transaction Screening and Monitoring

Risk Management

Our platform enables you to easily onboard good end-users, and decline bad actors. As well as orchestrating ideal onboarding flows with our cutting-edge suite of Know Your Customer technology, we also provide detailed visibility of your application funnel results.

Regional compliance obligations can present a potentially complex burden for your business. From Anti Money Laundering, to Sanctions, PEP screening, and SARS filings, our consolidated platform monitors and manages your compliance, delivering reports that are streamlined and simplified for regional nuances.

All financial money movement comes with an element of risk. We use best-in- class risk modelling and integrated fraud management technology to help achieve the ideal balance between risk and friction for your end-user’s experience.

Fraud Management

Settlement and Reconciliation

End-user servicing

At Railsr we partner with world-class fraud detection and prevention partners. Together we protect your customers and mitigate fraud and security vulnerabilities.

We help you set up designated client money accounts, and then manage the safeguarding of their money on your behalf. We provide all the tools, data feeds and reports you need to manage the daily reconciliation of your revenue, fees and regulatory reporting within your accounts.

Our platform offers swift and detailed access to your end-users’ accounts and transaction histories. This enables you to more effectively monitor and service your customers, ensuring a seamless experience for them.

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