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Deeper foundations


Deeper foundations

Our platform’s unique architecture offers the best of both worlds, with a consistent global customer experience combined with a back-end localised to each market. This helps make Railsr the fastest platform to enter new markets, helping you achieve global reach and unique speed to market.


Our single platform gives you access to Railsbank’s full set of global products. 

Regulatory licenses

Card and Payment memberships

Card Processing and Fulfillment

Our superpower is providing global products with local regulation. From our single integrated platform you can offer your customers compliant banking, cards and credit products across four continents, all supported by our regulatory licenses. It’s all you need to empower your brand’s global reach and ambitions.

Railsr is a principal member of Visa and Mastercard, and our platform can operate with our payment scheme memberships, which also include UKFP and SEPA. Alternatively, you can just plug yours in and simply use our technology and operations – the choice is yours.

One integration unlocks a global footprint of card processing for you. We abstract the regional complexity of processing, physical card fulfilment and network rules, so you can focus on the physical, virtual, token, or QR device- enabled spend.

Card Program BIN Sponsorship

Lending Marketplace

As a principal member issuer for Visa and MasterCard, Railsr can sponsor BINs and card programs across the UK, Europe and APAC.

Our lending marketplace enables us to support multiple lenders with differing risk appetites. This flexibility helps maximize our product partner fit, and means we can provide the balance sheet, or alternatively plug in our customers’ credit facility.

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