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When their issuing partner left the space, McLEAR’s sights were soon set firmly on Railsr

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

McLEAR is a British technology start-up that designs and manufactures smart rings. They have delivered hundreds of thousands of smart rings worldwide. McLEAR is the pioneer of wearable payment technology for consumers and businesses. Since 2018 our Smart Ring has enabled hundreds of thousands ofRing Holders to make contactless payments globally with a simple touch of a hand.

“Working with Railsr enables us to continue our growth ambitions knowing we now have the right partner to support us”


  • Quick and efficient setup and activation

  • Long lasting strategic partnership

When McLEAR’s issuing partner left the industry and could no longer service their needs, they had only a matter of months to migrate to a new partner. Not only did they need to find a new partner, but they had to find the right partner.

After extensive market research, their sights set firmly on Railsr.

“Since our launch it has been crucial to work with the

right partners that will support our business as we expand into new markets. Railsr has an international network, a reliable technology platform and a dedicated team of industry experts that understand exactly what our business requires and how best to support McLEAR in our next phase of growth” comments Daniel Blondell, COO at McLEAR.

“We were really keen to move to Railsr, we already knew of the company through our own market research. They were our preferred partner to move to. We needed to choose a partner that we could rely on, and in which we could trust the effectiveness and reliability of their platform and network. It was an obvious choice that Railsr was that partner.” added Daniel. "The dedication from the team all the way from Jo to Heather and Louisa, has been exceptional.

During the migration period, all the teams at Railsr were continuously on hand to update and work closely with our teams to ensure migration went as smoothly as possible” commented Daniel further.

Louisa Murray, SVP, Global Head of Key Accounts at Railsr added: “Needing a new issuing partner was a priority for the McLEAR team and not only were we able to fulfil that role for them, but we are working closely with McLEAR to continue to deliver what is a superb product. I am especially proud that the migration went so well and that both companies are now powering ahead towards a bright future in what is a fascinating market.”

“Working with Railsr enables us to continue our growth ambitions knowing we now have the right BIN Sponsorship partner to support us” added Daniel.

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For more information on McLEAR’s award-winning payments ring click here.


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