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Credit Card as a Service focus as Railsr heads to Las Vegas

Railsr US is attending Money 20/20 USA in Las Vegas and is all set to talk about Credit Card as a Service.

A team from Railsr US will be soon making its way to Nevada to join the fun at the much-awaited Money 20/20 which starts on 23 October.

And Railsr COO Stuart Gregory, based in the London HQ, will be making the trip as well, looking forward to meeting the company’s US clients and speaking to others in the industry.

Top of the agenda for all the companies visiting the Railsr booth (number 5231) is to discover more about its leading Credit Card as a Service product. Demand is strong for this leading innovation within the US financial services industry and the Railsr team will demonstrate how Credit Card as a Service is set to change how credit cards are seen by brands and consumers alike.

Embed credit card management

The Railsr Credit Card as a Service product empowers brands to embed their credit card management within their own app. The key advantage is that historically, this sat within the platform of the issuing financial institution. With the onset of embedded experiences, brands can now control the look and feel of the entire journey, and drive activity back to their core experience rather than share with their issuing partner.

Railsr´ customers focus on engagement, revenue and data. The Railsr platform handles the complexity, allowing its customers to focus on their own customers. The fully managed platform includes all integrations and operation processes at scale. This includes a Processor, Bank, Credit Facility, Collections, Payments, Wallets, Fraud Systems, Compliance and Card Production. And Railsr also supplies best-in-class design kits which helps its customers launch efficiently, with step-by-step guides and pre-approved regulatory compliant components.

Money 20/20 USA is fintech’s biggest conversation and over 8,000 attendees will attend, representing nearly 3,000 companies.

For anyone wishing to meet the Railsr team at Money 20/20 USA, please see here.


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