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Awesome news as Railsbank makes FinTech50 list for third time

Not only does Railsbank make the FinTech50 list for the third year in a row, but CEO Nigel Verdon is the only founder to have made it onto each list since the inaugural FinTech50 in 2013.

Nigel has made the list three times with Railsbank, who he co-founded with Clive Mitchell and before that with Currency Cloud, the previous company Nigel founded.

First drawn up seven years ago, the FinTech50 represents the hottest European fintechs out there, the most influential players in a truly exciting financial sector environment. It is selected from over 2,000 fintechs across Europe and was the first list worldwide to recognise fintech for innovation.

The list, organised by FinTechCity, is viewed worldwide by investors, financial services organisations, global tech giants, influencers and innovators. It represents the companies to watch over the coming years.

Nigel Verdon, Railsbank co-founder and CEO, told the media: “It is always a great honour to be named on the FinTech50 list and it is especially pleasing that this is our third year on the list. This reflects all the hard work from the team at Railsbank and how far we have come over the last three years.

“I am also personally delighted that I have made every list since it started in 2013, which is again a testament to the people that I have worked with over the years and what we have achieved. And being recognised by our industry peers is particularly welcome.”

FinTech50 founding Director Julie Lake added: “We wanted this year’s 50 to represent the value delivered by fintech innovation to individuals, employees, businesses of all sizes, as well as to traditional providers of financial services This year's 50 this are meeting the demands of wider social, environmental and economic trends - the subscription economy, sustainable investing, financial wellbeing - as well as continuing to transform traditional financial services for the benefit of their customers.”

The Railsbank team were on hand last night at the offices of Standard Chartered to hear who had made the list.

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