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Railsbank welcomes Brad van Leeuwen as Head of Partnerships

The latest member to join the expanding Railsbank team is Brad van Leeuwen, who slots in as Head of Partnerships.

He has been brought in to develop the company’s rapidly expanding partner network, including banks, card schemes and other financial services and RegTech partners.

He had a similar role with his previous company; at dopay he was Chief Partnerships Officer responsible for the company's growth.

Brad has had a busy career and previous positions include Non-Executive Board Member at NoviCap; Principal - Financial Institutions at EBRD; and, Board Observer at TurkAsset. Educated at Curtin University with a degree in accounting and finance, he is currently a volunteer at Techstars where he mentors financial technology startups as part of the Barclays/Techstars accelerator programme.

Railsbank co-founder and CEO Nigel Verdon first came across Brad some years ago. He said: “I worked with Brad on the Techstars Barclays selection committee and I am so delighted to have Brad join the Railsbank team. He is a further example of how we are building a highly experienced and capable team.”

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Of his appointment, Brad told us: “Railsbank is at the forefront of open-banking in the UK and Europe. The team has already taken tremendous steps towards drastically lowering the barriers to entry for fintech startups and new entrants and I look forward to helping us reach more countries, banks, partners and customers.”

Brad is already in position and making his presence felt.

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