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is now Railsr

The world has reached an inflection point. A time of radical digital transformation. The pandemic accelerated a decade of change into a single year. Consumer expectations have evolved dramatically across all ages, and their desire for experiences is more urgent than ever. Yet while we live in a universe of amazing customer experiences, the finance industry is still stuck in a world of products and transactions. 

We think differently. We’re ‘experience natives’ and we created a whole new industry category based around the intersection of radical digital transformation, embedded finance and the consumer desire for experiences. We call it “embedded finance experiences”. 

As the world’s leading platform for embedded finance experiences, we help companies and brands put customers at the heart of their business. Our turnkey solution enables them to embed finance swiftly and seamlessly into every consumer journey, wherever it creates the most impact. Across industries and sectors, we’re making finance a phenomenal experience.

We’ve now changed our name to Railsr, to reflect the seamless financial experiences and positive disruption of traditional finance we deliver. Running on Railsr helps our customers drive relationships, revenue, rewards and relevance with their customers. We’re here to inspire, enable and support them through every step of their embedded financial experience journey from prototyping through launching and ultimately scaling globally.

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