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Railsbank joins new investment readiness programme

Railsbank has joined 11 FinTech companies on the inaugural ‘FinTech Europe 2018’ investment readiness programme. Participants will take part in a 12 day programme of assignments and workshops in Berlin and Luxembourg.

FIntech Europe 2018 is organised by Village Capital, a not-for-profit venture capital firm; PayPal, the payment platform; and, Middlegame Ventures, a venture capital firm.

The venture development program is for entrepreneurs who are creating technological solutions that help financial institutions, markets, regulators and consumers interact with financial products and services in the digital age.

Nigel Verdon, co-founder and CEO of Railsbank, who will take an active part in the programme, said: “. Railsbank joins a great group of companies on The FinTech Europe 2018 Programme. I am looking forward to meeting them and demonstrating the benefits of our API platform in revolutionising the banking sector.”

Railsbank, an API banking and compliance platform that connects together a global network of banks and companies, will be joined on the programme by:

Algoreg​ (Luxembourg) Algoreg is a RegTech firm providing flexible and seamless end-to-end AML/KYC experience. Main features include video or photo on-boarding, name filtering (sanctions & PEP), risk scoring.

Cambridge Blockchain​ (Cambridge, MA - USA) Cambridge Blockchain makes a digital identity enterprise software for financial institutions, simplifying personal data management with the highest levels of privacy, security and trust.

CoVi Analytics​ (London, UK) CoVi Analytics simplifies and automates the end-to-end compliance process for financial institutions through its A.I. powered SaaS suite.

Cybertonica​ (London, UK) Cybertonica uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to reduce basket drop-off and increase conversion for all channels of e-payments and transaction platforms

DataSine​ (London) DataSine is changing the way financial institutions interact with their customers. Their proprietary technology builds personality profiles by analysing transactional and biographical data.

DreamQuark​ (Paris, France) DreamQuark develops Brain, a software platform that democratizes the use of artificial Intelligence, its is based on an advanced proprietary Deep Learning Technology. Brain quickly delivers unmatched and interpretable results to bankers and insurers.

Huddlestock​ (Oslo, Norway) opens up the hedge fund industry for everyone.

Just Technologies​ (Oslo, Norway) Just Technologies is reinventing how companies trade foreign exchange by providing deliverable and deep liquidity direct from the interbank market, offered with transparent reporting and superior user experience

Neuroprofiler​ (Paris, France) Neuroprofiler is a behavioral finance game assessing investor’s profile in line with MiFID II regulation.

Paydrive​ (Stockholm, Sweden) Paydrive is the digital insurance company for the modern consumer. Their task is to challenge the traditional insurance models and create smarter solutions adapted for a modern, digital world.

ume​ (Luxembourg) is a Fintech/Regtech that has been designed to respond to the asset management industry demands for an effective automated and mutualized framework for the due diligence of fund distributors.

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