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Why Railsr?
Your business with our Credit Card as a Service (CCaaS)

We solve the complexity of managing the technology and operations of a fully compliant credit card. Bringing the best-in-breed issuing, processing, servicing and everything else you’d need for a fast, modern and personalised credit card offer.

Letting you focus on your brand and the final mile - designing a look, feel, and rewards proposition to grow your business.


Engaging Experiences

Accelerate your build without compromising identity. Build in your own app by utilising prebuilt design toolkits with pre-approved disclosures or go with a standalone white label app. Either way, you save months on the build.

Custom Rewards

Customise the rewards you offer to drive user engagement and attachment. The most effective rewards are personalised. Our Rewards platform powers a unified loyalty experience across your credit and other product lines by seamlessly tracking and rewarding positive behavior.

Data-Driven Insights

Railsr insights dashboards and data feeds provide access to purchase data that informs a deeper understanding of your customers, their purchase habits, and their relationship with your competitors and potential strategic partners.

Marketing Support

Quickly prototype and test customer reactions to your value proposition and promotions

Grow your business with the help of seasoned Railsr credit experts and our marketing as a service offer. 

Embedded Experience

Control the member experience leveraging simple APIs and pre-approved toolkits. 


Your brand, from end to end. 

Growth Tools

Customisable rewards programmes drive usage, engagement, build brand loyalty, and increase revenue over time. 

Use Data Insights to measure and share success with partners and investors.

Turnkey Operations

Reduce costs by using Railsr operations like end user servicing, IVR, SMS/Email, settlement and reconciliation, compliance, and collections.

Risk & Fraud Controls

Leverage sophisticated risk controls and our team of experts to reduce your exposure. We handle credit decisioning, KYC, Risk and Fraud for your risk tolerance.   

Offer competitive rates with real time risk based decisioning.  

Turnkey Stack

We operate the complexity, so you focus on customer.

Our fully managed platform includes all the integrations and operational processes at scale.



Credit facility


Decision engine




Check lockbox

Adverse actions


Bureau reporting

Fraud systems

Compliance systems

Regulation & compliance

Card production

Collatoral fulfillment


Accelerate your build with best in class design kits

Helps you launch quicker, with step-by-step guides and pre-approved regulatory compliant components

Design Guidelines Visual.png

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Or are you a developer?

Get your API keys and start developing. Supported by our API Docs and Guides you'll have everything you need to begin creating your own embedded finance experiences.

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